22 de julio de 2024

40 comentarios en «Manchester United vs Manchester City | Highlights | FA Women's Super League 19-11-2023»

  1. I am greatly relieved to see City win this Derby match! Yui Hasegawa won many duels, contributing to City's victory. Even when she mistakenly passed to the opponent , she rushed back to the penalty area and took the ball back. She deserves more praise.

  2. City down a Man @ 70mins, Man U inpatient getting their 2nd goal & 3rd (poor play) here. Man U was not offside on that goal by Geyse, bad call there! City had 70% ball control. City defense pressed up high Shaw got the Easy! Lady Reds Team Dee must be better, as their Transition game (Offense to Defense & Defense to Offense).

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