28 de mayo de 2024

40 comentarios en «Dembele the WORST SNAKE in history? 😳 #football»

  1. That's your fault. And barcas fault for buying him for that much. You get what you get and wherever the outcome is you can't complain . Because you knew it was a possibility for all of this to happen.

  2. I mean the way he treated dortmund when he was trying to come to barca was enough to understand his attitude.. Just because dortmund is a 'small club' media ignored it.. Now when he is doing similar stuff with barca media is talking about it

  3. He is sadly one of the Lost gifted Players but also Kind of cancer, earning Tons of Money for playing 40 Games in 3 years and then Tried to fuxk ups the club, how in the hell can a Player get a contract clause from about 50% hahaha the Fuxked Barcwlona Doublepenetrion dembele And his Agent

  4. i didnt think this would happen i am shocked here is the good and bad the good: more playtime for raphinha and 25 million for bernardo or cancelo the bad: he was one of our best players the dribbeling the crossing he is a star and he just betrays us… one last thing he is gonna make rich psg poor with his medical bills

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