28 de mayo de 2024

50 comentarios en «World Cup Final PREDICTIONS 🏆 Argentina or France? 🧐 | ESPN FC»

  1. Messi's nightmare with World Cup final referee Szymon Marciniak. Argentina will not play dirty against mbappe or they will be punished. Very pleased with Fifa's choices. This is not going the be same dirty game that the one they did against netherland

  2. The final will be definitely a treat for football lovers, clash of titans. I hope it will finish in normal time itself with France-3 and Argentina- 1. Mbappe will be man of the match in final and Golden Boot winner, Messi will win Golden Ball, Emiliano Martinez will grab Golden Gloves.

  3. I am worried that since a lot of people are rooting for Messi Worldwide, France might just steal that limelight. Argentina will have more pressure to win for Messi his last World Cup than French would be worried about matching that Brazilian's World Cup record.

  4. the Argentinian song that horrified snowflakes………..Listen, run the ball.
    They play in France but they are all from Angola.
    How nice it is they are going to run, they suck trans like the f4cking mbape.
    Your old woman is Nigerian, your old man is from Cameroon but in the document they claim French nationality

  5. Im worried it will be late France win either 90 min or extra time 2-1. I think France will be more desperate to win cause Arg are good with penalties both scoring and saving. Also confidence after beating Dutch with penalties.

  6. Real threatening for ARG is that FRA is not nervous and not scared of them. unlikely other teams. So ,with their power pack and the smart manager they'll be certainly holding the upper hand. I doubt it's 50-50.

  7. Right now Argentina got a slight odds over France to win and bad news for France. The bad news is 3 France players got the flu virus and they skipped the 2 days of practice, so it doesn't look good for France. The bad news was reported by CNN yesterday.

  8. It will be very interesting if France decides to play the team player Benzema. He got cleared by his doctor and he would fit right in. He is a prolific scorer and would not have a problem assisting Mbappe'. It would be an immediate advantage for France and give them the upper hand. I have money on Argentina though. Argentina has the refs on their side for sure, being Messi's last dance.

  9. The Key is for Argentina stopping mbappe and dembele. Their speed itself will cause chaos yellow’s cards and goals opportunities for France if they capitalize. Argentina will get opportunities from counter attack.

  10. Why do journalists keep insisting that Messi winning the World Cup is a fairy tale story? Are fairy tale stories usually about the people who are rich and famous and celebrated winning even more? This is the elitist mindset, which I suppose many of the media have. The fairy tale would have been Croatia versus Morocco for the final. That's the way most working class people would see it.

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