28 de mayo de 2024

35 comentarios en «MESSI & SUAREZ SCORE 😱 Inter Miami vs. Sporting Kansas City | MLS Highlights | ESPN FC»

  1. Okay, das ist jetzt nicht mehr das höchste Spielniveau, aber der Pass von Messi zum Ausgleich war schon geil und sein Tor zum 2-1 natürlich auch. UND, Erik Thommy spielte mal in der Bundesliga….und, soweit ich weiß, auch mal beim FCK. Verrückte Fussballwelt.

  2. People think Inter Miami fault is because of Messi not performing. When the fact is that Inter Miami defense
    sucks, I have never seen a more bad defense than this. They take the ball, the give it right back to the opposition
    team. The defense needs to learn to properly clear the zone. If they have no options, just kick it out of play.

    You put a team of the top level players from Europe in this team, with that same defense they will still lose,
    Inter Miami needs proper defense. They have nobody to blame, but the defense in this team. This is why
    even the cup game they lost. Not because Messi did not perform.

  3. even the commentator doesn’t understand modern football, saying it’s the keepers fault for playing it to the right back for the suarez goal, most keepers in world football play that pass in todays age at the top level cus why kick it long and risk losing the ball when u can build from the back, it’s completely down to the right back not going towards the ball, if he goes to the ball instead of waiting he can pass it back to the keeper and the keeper can play it into the space the man pressing the right back made

  4. at first i was happy with messi in the MLS cus atleast we’d see him playing still but the more game highlights i see the more i realise how bad the quality is like that first goal could be sunday league with the defending and keeping. Would love to see messi playing in europe still whether it’s at a top team or not, though i do understand américa is what he thinks is best for his family and i respect that

  5. why they couldn’t do that with monterrey??? because liga mx is better than your favorite players🫵🏼😂😂😂😂 viva mexico 🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼😂😂😂😂🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

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